British Columbia let's start doing Vermicomposting...




* If you have a pound of green waste (from kitchen and garden) and brown waste (paper) and two handfuls of red wigglers or compost worms including bedding, the waste will become vermicompost in about a week under the optimum conditions


* Odorless with no fuss or muss


* Produce the best compost and the excess worms can be used for fishing



We provide Products: compost worms, worm cocoons and inoculum, worm castings or vermicompost, the compost systems as well, and the exotic plants.
We help customers with Services through workshop for the residential community, presentation, consultation for medium-larger scale commercial projects, education & research for the optimization of green and brown waste management to support the Zero Waste program, sustainability, the natural way of farming/organic farming, aquaponics, and bioremediation of contaminated soils.

Earthworms called ‘earth’s guts’ that grow spontaneously in mud and in humid ground; …especially where there is decayed matter…

Aristotle (350 B.C.) The History of Animals.

Why did Aristotle call earthworms the "earth's guts"?

It's because earthworms act like intestines by processing the soil's organic matter and turning it into food for plants.