Burnaby Red Wigglers is a small "green" business located in Burnaby, British Columbia. We offer compost worms across Canada. The red wigglers (Eisenia andrei) help customers to speed-up the composting of green and paper wastes in an odorless process. The results are a high quality worm castings or vermicompost for all garden plants and worm protein for animal feed also for fishing.


Bintoro Gunadi, the founder, has been working with intensive vermiculture-vermicomposting in places all around the world including: Indonesia, Canada, China, Japan, The Netherlands, and The United States for over 20 years. His passion with red wigglers has been published as a chapter in the monumental book since Darwin's book on earthworms entitled “Vermiculture Technology: Earthworms, Organic Wastes, and Environmental Management” (2011). Edited by Clive Edwards et al., CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, UK.


Burnaby Red Wigglers' mission is to provide a better habitat for the local community through environmentally friendlier approaches and profitable solutions for resource - organic waste management related to the natural way of farming or gardening by creating living soils, and for bioremediation.  You can become a locavore by participating in this science and by sharing the knowledge with others. If we can get other local growers of this method of composting, we become part of the world-wide movement to reduce global warming.


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Earthworms called ‘earth’s guts’ that grow spontaneously in mud and in humid ground; …especially where there is decayed matter…

Aristotle (350 B.C.) The History of Animals.

Why did Aristotle call earthworms the "earth's guts"?

It's because earthworms act like intestines by processing the soil's organic matter and turning it into food for plants.