Remembering the Pandemic


Coronavirus Response Program

Concerning the COVID-19, Burnaby Red Wigglers is committed to acting responsibly and we have taken the initiative steps to deal with our customers and products: 

     * Wearing mask

     * Washing hands

     * Wearing gloves

     * Social distancing (6 ft.)

The goal is simple, to put in our best effort to make sure we, families, customers are all healthy.



For quotation, request for workshop and consultation, please feel free to contact us...


Phone: 604-564-8089


Burnaby BC V5J 4A4, Canada


We ship compost worms and cocoons to any locations in Canada using Xpress or Expedited Post. Please find a rate at


After providing your full address and confirmation of the order by e-mail, we will send you an invoice for the PayPal payment.


Shipping Policies:

- Our compost worms are guaranteed to be delivered alive in a secure package.

- Worms may lose weight during 2-3 days shipping & may appear smaller upon delivery.

- Please let us know immediately when you receive the worms.

- If the worms aren’t alive upon arrival, we will refund your money or ship more worms.

- Please do not dispose of the dead worms and the package until you have contacted us.


Earthworms called ‘earth’s guts’ that grow spontaneously in mud and in humid ground; …especially where there is decayed matter…

Aristotle (350 B.C.) The History of Animals.

Why did Aristotle call earthworms the "earth's guts"?

It's because earthworms act like intestines by processing the soil's organic matter and turning it into food for plants.