February 23, 2024


Burnaby Red Wigglers has been really good to deal with. Worms arrive healthy and ready to go. Customer service is great. We've been using vermicompost directly and as an aerated tea in the greenhouse and in the garden. The worms use our leftovers and gave us back plant food! It has been a great addition especially in the greenhouse for us. Thanks so much Burnaby Red Wigglers.


Sally Dailly


Salt Spring Island, BC



February 19, 2024


I contacted Burnaby Red Wigglers on December 10, 2023, and Bintoro Responded promptly with some recommendations. I met Bintoro later that same day, at exactly the time we agreed upon, and pick up the following:


4 handfuls of worms (enough for 2 X 2 sg. ft. worm bins)

2 bags of worm castings


The worms were healthy, and the castings were of good quality. It was nice being able to get the worms in person rather than having them shipped.


I have had the worms now for just over two months and they are healthy and doing well. I see a lot of new cocoons and baby worms and I recently started a third bin with some of the worms from the first two. I would recommend buying from Burnaby Red Wigglers.


Thank you Bintoro.



Burnaby, BC



February 8, 2024


Thank you for the red wigglers worms (PS: The pick up time was at the coldest week in early December 2023 with night temperature at around -15⁰C). We have had them for two months now, and they are all healthy and doing well.


Elaine Taylor & Mark Nahe

New Westminster, BC



November 5, 2023


The staff at Burnaby Red Wigglers were responsive and very informative. They took great care to assure my compost worms arrived safely in my town in northern British Columbia; when the night temperature was -11 Celsius. The worms have been doing great and getting them was easy!


Cole Wreggitt

Smithers, BC



July 20, 2023


Burnaby Red Wigglers, I am a return customer. My red wigglers are doing fine! They are fat and happy - and - producing many babies! Of course, the biggest bonus is their lovely castings! When I harvested the castings this Spring, I realized I probably have enough worms to set a second bin - so - next harvest that's what I'll do!


Last Summer I bought again 2 handfuls of worms about 500 worms or about a pound including beddings, to take to my sister on the Island. Hers are doing very well, too! Anyone who wants to try vermiculture, should definitely buy their red wigglers from you!


Rosemary Salo Stagg

Vancouver, BC



June 1, 2023


Today I visited Burnaby Red Wigglers and met Bintoro Gunadi, founder and soil biologist. It was fascinating having him explain what the worms are, what they need, and what to expect. I took home two handfuls of worms and a bag of worm cocoons and inoculum.


Going forward, we will put the garden waste in the outdoor bins, and that is also where we will put our coffee grounds. They are too acidic for the worms to enjoy. So now we have a kitchen compost for food waste that is growing worms.


I cannot explain how satisfying it feels to have this worm culture start up. The worms are so quite and gentle, bur also hardworking.


Jenny Arntzen

Vancouver, BC



February 15, 2023


Today I put together an indoor kitchen worm composting bin and settled in a healthy community of worms from Burnaby Red Wigglers, my trusted worm source! Bintoro is a knowledgeable and cheerful worm breeder- I recommend you get your worms from him to receive a healthy batch of worms and receive answers to all your worm composting questions! Happy Valentine's Day, happy worm composting.


Ainsley Camps

Coquitlam, BC



January 2, 2023


I'm glad that I was able to get some compost worms from Burnaby Red Wigglers. I'm now able to compost some of my kitchen waste to make great compost for my plants and it doesn't smell at all.


Kathi Mitsui

Vancouver, BC



September 21, 2022


I have really enjoyed getting my feet wet with vermicomposting and Bintoro with Burnaby Red Wigglers has been such a fantastic help in getting me set up and answering my many questions. He is so knowledgeable and obviously very passionate about his field. I highly recommend getting started with a worm farm. They're great for the environment and your garden!


Samantha Lego

Vancouver, BC



July, 21, 2022


Not knowing anything other than hearsay of benefits of worm composting or vermiculture, a buddy had briefly explained how his garden had flourished when using worm castings in place of traditional fertilizer. He had purchased red wigglers from Burnaby Red Wigglers a year previous.


Enter Burnaby Red Wigglers. I reached out to Bintoro via email and communicated back and forth about starting up my own worm composting operation after my wife had purchased a Hungry Bin for my birthday. Purchasing mushroom compost at a local gardening shop, along with several handfuls of compost worms and worm castings from Burnaby Red Wigglers. I will never look back.


It's has been 2 years now, and my worm composting bin survived both cold and hot streaks in local weather. My garden has flourished from usage of my bin's castings and worm juice, and I basically recycle all my organics weekly in my bin (food processing them for faster breakdown in the bin). 100% organic across the board, at a fraction of the cost once up and running against purchase of store-bought fertilizers - it's amazing.


Not only that, but I find Bintoro extremely helpful with his blog and page on vermiculture, and also his willingness to answer any questions one might have about bin startup, ongoing bin management, and tips/tricks to ensure one is getting maximum performance from worm composting.


Everything everyone says about benefits of worm composting is true. As are all the kudo and compliments they have about Bintoro and his operation. I highly recommend for any serious gardener to give it a go!!!


Kyle Gunther

Vancouver, BC



May 22, 2022


Very nice to get the compost worms, worm cocoons, and worm castings from Burnaby Red Wigglers! And thank you for all the helpful advice! Will definitely get to reading more of your articles on the website. And as a return customer, I will know where to come for more advice! Happy and Healthy Victoria Day. Cheers.


Shelly Jetzer

Family physician

Richmond, BC



April 28, 2022


Red wiggler composting worms have been described as "aquaponics secret weapon", and for good reason. These little guys will eat their way through any solid's buildup in your media beds, including old roots, and in return they give off vermicompost which is one of nature's best fertilizers (next to fish waste!). And extra worms are a tasty treat for your fish. A "must have" in any media-based aquaponics system.


The Aquaponic Source


Wheat Ridge, Colorado



February 2, 2022


I want to be able to share Burnaby Red Wigglers amazing compost worms and Bintoro's knowledge with all of Canada!! (and order some for my house too!). Happy World Wetlands Day 2-2-2022. Cheers.


Jill Seymour Spyker

Green Iglu


Prince Rupert, BC



January 10, 2022


My red wigglers worms are amazing! I purchased 2 handfuls and a bag of worm castings, and also received a free sample of worm cocoons from Burnaby Red Wigglers in the Spring. They settled in right in and have multiplied quickly. The survived the 40+ degree weather this Summer and -15 degrees this Winter! Bintoro was very helpful, and the worms and worm castings are a fantastic addition to our garden.


Kate McMahon

Burnaby, BC



November 19, 2021


Great news, the worm composting packages have arrived and are in their new home! The kids were thrilled. These are the words of one of my kindergarten students: "I don't like worms, but this is EPIC"! Thank you, Burnaby Red Wigglers.


Megan Sutherland

Wix-Brown Elementary

Langley, BC



October 26, 2021


We have ordered lab-quality red wigglers for our upcoming toxicity tests from Burnaby Red Wigglers. The worms arrived on time in a good condition, healthy and active. The worms were set up for acclimation, and the acclimation went well.


The red wigglers were in similar size and colour which is very important for the test. Thank you very much, Bintoro, for the prompt response and for the excellent quality; we will definitely buy the worms here again.


Vicky Winter

Calgary,  Alberta



September 10, 2021


I ordered 4 handfuls of compost worms and a bag of worm castings from Burnaby Red Wigglers in early June 2021 and have been enjoying looking at my food scraps being consumed every day by the worms. I am a total beginner and Bintoro is not only well knowledgeable but also replies to my questions very fast. I am very happy and feeling lucky with my purchase and success with my little compost bin/science project now. Thank you Burnaby Red Wigglers!


Emma Shih

Vancouver, BC



July 17, 2021


Burnaby Red Wigglers has been a great and valuable resource for introducing worms into our aquaponic system. The health of the system has shown remarkable improvement both in plant health and growth, as well as water quality for the fish. The worms are proving themselves to be an irreplaceable component in the success of our system. Thanks!


Kevin Barron

Vancouver, BC




June 20, 2021


I thought about worm farms a few months ago, and thought it would be an interesting adventure. I did some homework, and our local garden store (Better Than Nature) gave me the Burnaby Red Wigglers website and phone number. He said the Burnaby Red Wigglers were the best in the province. The rest is history.


I tried building my own worm farm, but ended up with a "Worm Farm 360" (all recyclable material made in Bellingham, WA). I phoned, and emailed Bintoro numerous times, and he was very professional and prompt with returning any questions. Also he is very patient. When I decided to order the worms, I ordered 4 handfuls of worms or about 2 pounds including bedding, and received them the next day via Canada Post. All alive and well. Bintoro is very easy to communicate with, and obviously very knowledgeable in the field of vermiculture.


Not only is he concerned about how I was doing, and the worms, his knowledge is outstanding! I have read most of his blogs and articles, and each one is so fascinating! Some of them date back to 2013. This has been an outstanding experience so far, and cannot thank Bintoro enough for his guidance. So far, looking after these cute little wigglers is by far easier than looking after a dog or kids!


Enjoy your new adventures!! Happy Summer Solstice and Father's Day 2021.


Lori Spence

Penticton, BC



May 31, 2021


I have purchased red wigglers, worm castings, and received free worm cocoon samples from Burnaby Red Wigglers 2 years in a row as I keep adding more worm compost bins. Bintoro is very responsive to emails and very helpful with any questions I have. The products are very good and I highly recommend them. It is very hard to find red wigglers near where I live, so I have been lucky to have found Burnaby Red Wigglers. The services, knowledge and products have been very appreciated.


Jodi Ho-Witwicki

Squamish, BC



April 9, 2021


I wanted to start my worm farm for months, and contacted numerous suppliers, but could not find anyone to send me any worms. Then over a long weekend, I finally found Burnaby Red Wigglers online and Bintoro replied immediately to my emails and was responsive to all my newbie questions. Within less than a week, I have received my huge bag of worms, along with worm castings and sample of cocoons, all lively and happy. Could not be happier with the communication and the quality of the worms from Burnaby Red Wigglers and will definitely be going back to them if I need anything else for my vermicomposting. Thanks Bintoro!


My-my Huynh

Peachland, BC



March 1, 2021


Hi Burnaby Red Wigglers, just wanted to follow up with you and let you know things are going fantastic with your worms and worm castings to create a living soil. I could not be happier with the products and the results I am getting. I am currently at day 50 of my current cycle and everything has been fantastic top dressing with the castings in flowers.


The quality of worm castings is about as good as you can get and along with the compost worms. I am completely confident my soil is getting the best quality amendments available.


I will be in touch in a few months as I will be requiring more castings for the different grow. As well, I have referred you to some friends who I will follow up with on their own grows.

Thank you very much.


Tyler James


Vancouver, BC



February 20, 2021


I bought 2 handfuls of worms and a bag of worm castings from Burnaby Red Wigglers about a year ago and just wanted to let you know they are thriving. The herd is HUGE - densely packed with worms! I have so many, we are going to split the herd and make three or four other boxes. I am trying to figure best way to harvest the worm castings. Thanks!


Hilary Peach

New Westminter, BC




February 8, 2021


I purchase worm castings, compost worms, and get free worm cocoons from Burnaby Red Wigglers, Bintoro is very helpful and patient with all my questions. He is  very knowledgeable and his website has lots of very interesting and useful information. I am very exited about starting vermiculture-vermicomposting outdoors and see some of the results for the coming growing season. If you are wondering about worm composting, Bintoro is the right person to talk to. Thank you very much!


Lorena Galvez

North Vancouver, BC



January 28, 2021


I got red wigglers, worm cocoons, and worm castings (as microbes starter) from Burnaby Red Wigglers for household composting on my apartment balcony. Amazing, thank you so much for the info, Bintoro!! As you know, I think vermiculture is the coolest thing ever and have been taking it up to pretty much everyone I encounter lately :)


Sherri Jonkman

White Rock, BC



December 5, 2020


I was inspired to buy compost worms from Bintoro after reading his website. I have a large garden and a large hobby farm and was tired with chemical fertilizer and just manure to get better produce. I bought 10 handfuls or about 5 pounds of Red Wigglers including bedding, 2 buckets of worm castings, and made a wooden box. After 5 months the worms are not only surviving they are thriving. I can not believe how easy and incredibly hard working these little creatures are to keep. I am so happy to have bought them from such a knowledgeable man. My hope is to have everybody in my town to own their own little "Red" Gardners.


Crystal Wadlegger

Clearwater, BC



December 3, 2020


We received our compost worms from Burnaby Red Wigglers at the beginning of 2020. We started with 4 handfuls of worms or about 2 pounds of the worms including the bedding, and a bucket of worm castings. The worms have multiplied many times since then. We really appreciate the service and the knowledge Bintoro shares with us throughout our process of scaling up our worm composting here in our farm.


Marcel Sachse

Langley, BC




November 16, 2020


I just thought I would like you know that the compost worms I got from you last month have adjusted to their new environment and are doing their job.


Thank you Burnaby Red Wigglers for being the only one around with worms :)


I moved them inside because I believe we are in for a harsh winter this year. It is a twelve-year cycle. It hit in 1984, 1996 and 2008. There were two snow's storms in the last two weeks of December; one or two days apart.



Victoria, BC  



June 5, 2020


I would like to say thank you very much Burnaby Red Wigglers and that the compost worms arrived safely on time and all is in good condition. I will definitely recommend you Products and Services to others in the future.


Jason Francis

Kimberley, BC



May 24, 2020


There is a very good variety of interesting articles on this website. Today, I just bought 2 compost worm packages starter kits: a) one for the large outside bin, 3 X 3 X 3 ft and b) the other smaller one will be for our household scraps and also my friend will be bringing over some of her kitchen food scrapes. It will be both interesting and exciting to see how these hard working red wigglers will take care of our green waste materials and turn them into very nutritious food for all of our plants.


I found Bintoro Gunadi to be very knowledgeable and also very helpful and kind in guiding me to properly set up my first 2 working compost bins. I am also very grateful that I was able to purchase my red wigglers at a moment notice on a Sunday afternoon. Very good and prompt service, thank you very much.


Henry Sikorski

White Rock, BC



April 23, 2020


Hey Burnaby Red Wigglers, I just wanted to thank you for your very quality compost worms. It was many months ago in September 2019 when I had received the red wigglers and I put them into my compost bin right away. Well, we are in the throws of a new gardening season and I am utilizing the beautiful broken-down compost filled with the rich worm castings for my starter, and my new shoots seem to be very happy. I am very pleased and cannot wait to see things take off this year. Again, many thanks!! Happy harvesting and the 50th Earth Day.


Ryan Doyle

Port Alberni, BC



March 11, 2020


It has been a month and we are happy with our compost worms from Burnaby Red Wigglers! Quick delivery and helpful info. They are making light work of our food scraps! Thanks.


Shelby Loeppky

Trail, Kootenay, BC



March 1, 2020


We've just moved to a new home to find our garbage pick-up doesn't include green waste. After frequent trips to the dump to dispose of our organic bin, we decided to investigate different options for at home composting. With starting a garden in mind, the use of compost worms to create worm castings for fertilizer got our attention! We found Bintoro and he got us started with our first Burnaby Red Wigglers. He was so knowledgeable and facilitating setting us up to keep our new compost worms happy and fed our garden as well. Vermiculture is the way to go with at home composting!


Spencer Rabby

Vancouver, BC



October 23, 2019


We are so pleased with the red wiggler worms and worm castings we are using for our community garden composting program. Burnaby Red Wigglers has helped us to revitalize our compost and start a more intensive composting program for the Hastings Sunrise community.


Ellen Munroe

Garden Coordinator

Hastings Community Centre

Vancouver, BC



July 5, 2019


Thank you Burnaby Red Wigglers. I have used the worms in the compost and they are doing a fantastic job. We used the worm castings for our plants and are having good results so far. We are new to all of this so are learning as we go.


Kim Olsen

Key Grip | Rush City

Vancouver, BC



June 1, 2019


Thank you Bintoro for the compost worms and worm castings. I also appreciate your enthusiasm and knowledge. Let's help the world be being more aware.


Simon Posener

Coquitlam, BC



April 2, 2019


If anyone is looking for compost worms or worm castings in or around Vancouver, Burnaby Red Wigglers is the place to go. Super friendly and informative. Highly recommend!


We are very grateful to have met you and we appreciate your advice and tips so much. We are very exited to start taking care of the worms and the application of the worm castings or vermicompost to the plants. Thank you so much for everything.


Erik Elvenaes

Vancouver, BC



March 10, 2019


We ordered red wigglers for office worm bin. The worms arrived on time and are very healthy in our Kelowna office. They were in a natural fabric bag with bubble wrap, and it

was in a box with aerating holes. They traveled well and we are able to use them in worm bin right away. We are very happy to find Burnaby Red Wigglers, and they are able to send us in cold month.


Haruko Kagami

CTQ Consultants Ltd.

Kelowna, BC



December 8, 2018


We have just received a shipment of compost worms from Burnaby Red Wigglers in a very timely manner and all the worms were in good health at the outdoor temperature around zero Celsius. It was a joy seeing all the worms quickly wriggle down into our bin. Many worm cocoons were even included, so we look forward to seeing worm babies!


We will be building a vermicomposting system for our cut flower farm and landscaping firm here in Cobble Hill, Vancouver Island. We will certainly be ordering from Bintoro in the future as we grow our operation. Thank you Bintoro for your helpful and quick service!


Joshua Blades & Family

Little Bee Blooms

Blades Horticulture Service

Cobble Hill, Vancouver Island, BC




May 16, 2018


A few years ago, my wife and I created several raised bed garden plots in our yard. We wanted to grow a variety of veggies organically. For the first 3 years we used organic fertilizers to enrich the soil. That worked to some degree but was expensive. We got the idea to compost our green waste and tried some of the approaches found on Youtube.


Then we discovered worm composting (vermicomposting) using bins and so went in search of worms, and found Burnaby Red Wigglers. That is when we met Bintoro. He sold us (at very reasonable rates) some worm castings for our immediate garden needs as well as a pound of Red Wigglers, which we learned are the perfect composting worm. He also visited us at our home and gave us thorough (free) analysis. of our gardening methods and taught us a lot about vermiculture/vermicomposting and the best way to produce worm castings for our garden.


We later found out that he is eminently qualified to give this advice since he holds a doctorate in this area. But what struck us more than his credentials in the care, passion and commitment in his approach. Bintoro has a larger vision and that is to teach the awareness of 'green' culture wherever he can. The worms and castings Bintoro sells are just the means to achieve that greater vision; his vast knowledge and advice he shares freely.


Since we met over five years ago, we have never needed more worms. We built a larger wooden bin and the offspring of the original pound of worms have thrived through extremely hot and very cold weather. We have harvested worm castings several times since then, though some seasons we've had to purchase a bucket or two of Bintoro's castings to cover our needs. This was the first year we produced enough worm castings to fertilize our garden completely.


We should also say that worm castings are all you need to fertilize your garden, and the abundance of produce coming from our four garden plots are sure proof of this Bintoro taught us how to use worms to create an independent 'green' cycle from table, to compost, to garden, to table. We are not dependent on expensive store-bought fertilizers anymore and it now costs us virtually nothing except the small cost of seeds to maintain this cycle.


Though we stay in touch with Bintoro and make the occasional visit to the website (www.burnabyredwigglers.com) for more info. He is almost out of our garden loop, since he has taught us how vermiculture/vermicomposting (nature's original system) works. But his reward is that his mission is accomplished and we are experiencing greater gardening confidence and success.


In our gratitude we wanted to share our story so that others might benefit from Bintoro's worm wisdom. It is true that we "reap what we sow," and we hope you will experience much abundance as you take advantage of Bintoro's ongoing commitment to the world of worms.


Doug and Kathleen

North Vancouver, BC



April 10, 2018


My husband called up Burnaby Red Wigglers to order a pound of compost worms and a gallon bag of vermicompost as I wanted to compost my family food wastes as well as fertilize my growing houseplants. We are able to pick up our order in the same day!


Mr. Bintoro gave us an on the spot rundown on caring for the worms, when he realized that I had no experience whatsoever, he also emailed some tips and links when I had further enquiries. As I researched more on vermicomposting via the links he gave, I discovered that he is actually a professor in his field!


Overall, I am very satisfied  with quality/health of the worms, vermicompost, and service. My worm population has increased in just three weeks and I can spot countless cocoons in my homemade bins. I highly recommend Burnaby Red Wigglers service and products!


Grace Tan

Vermicomposting newbie

Vancouver, BC



February 20, 2018


From the recent worm castings or vermicompost order we placed, I'm very happy with the results so far. I've also been making aerated vermicompost tea with the last batch of vermicompost and have had great results in terms of growing out the proper aerobic microorganisms required for optimal plant growth. We have also bought compost worms from Burnaby Red Wigglers and have been very pleased with the overall health and condition of the worms.


James Rickbeil


Sunshine Coast, BC



November 5, 2017


I have been getting worm castings (vermicompost) and compost worms (red wigglers) from Burnaby Red Wigglers for several years. The vermicompost is incomparable in its quality and effect on my plants! I have stronger plants, more blooms and, overall, more nutrient rich soil. Bintoro has an immense wealth of knowledge on red wiggler worms... his passion is contagious! Thank you BRW!!


Farhat Khan

Community Compost Instructor

City Farmer

Vancouver, BC



April 1, 2017


Burnaby Red Wigglers is not only a great source for composting worms/red wigglers, but Bintoro is also one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry. He is a wealth of information and a trustworthy person to do business with.


David Sayson

Vancouver, BC





March 8, 2017


Burnaby Red Wigglers provided us with the composting worms and know-how to not only dispose of our office organic waste, but build a better office culture. Pride in our greener environment and team spirit in caring for our red wigglers worms made our breaks a lot more fun!


Vivian Evans Walker

Harrison Hot Springs, BC



November 1, 2016


We purchased composting worms and bedding worm castings or vermicompost from Burnaby Red Wigglers for my classroom using "Worm Factory" container. It is still early, so I am hoping that the worms are doing okay. The gentleman who delivered them was on time and very friendly!


Lorelei Reimer-Aiumu

Grade 3 Teacher

Ecole Qaygayt Elementary School

New Westminster, BC



April 1, 2016


The students are enjoying looking at the worms, cocoons and worm castings. The teacher is using the website you recommended http://extension.illinois.edu/worms/index.cfm . Once again thank you Burnaby Red Wigglers for your help.


Flora Ross

Teacher, Alpha Secondary School

Burnaby, BC



March 8, 2016


AMS Sustainability had an excellent experience working with Burnaby Red Wigglers. BRW was prompt with the responses and the pick up of the compost worms was set up immediately. The worms provided to us were very healthy and Bintoro gave us extensive advice on how to keep them thriving. Our worms are doing very well and we would not hesitate to do business with BRW again.


Kasha Foster

Compost Coordinator

AMS Student Society of University of British Columbia

Vancouver, BC



October 15, 2015


Burnaby Red Wigglers has been supplying worms for the City of Coquitlam's vermicomposting workshops for over 2 years now. I am appreciative of how quickly I was able to receive worms on such short notice for my workshops this year. BRW went above and beyond by separating the cocoons/eggs for my students as an added teaching opportunity on the life cycle of red wigglers.


Danielle Russell

City of Coquitlam, BC



July 1, 2015 


Burnaby Red Wigglers has been a great supplier of compost worms for the City of Vancouver worm bin program. We have supplied the worm bin kits for over 10 years now, and all of about 250 pounds of worms that we have purchased appear to have been happy and healthy!


Keep up the great work, BRW.


John Paul, PhD PAg.

Transform Compost Systems

Abbotsford, BC



June 21, 2015


I really appreciated Burnaby Red Wigglers’ prompt responses and accommodations with regards to arranging a pickup from out of town for worms and starter (bedding inoculum). Bintoro provided useful “initiation" information in order to effectively start up a vermicomposting system for my kitchen scraps… great material for the veggie garden! I would highly recommend his products for those interested in this greener way to taking care of food waste. His passion infused with his education in biology make for a fun, informed individual to work with. Thanks BRW!


Kurt Deschner, BSc MD

Outdoor enthusiast and hobby vegetable gardener



February 4, 2015


My experience with Burnaby Red Wigglers was absolutely great. Having no prior vermicomposting experience, BRW made sure to address any concerns or questions I had.  I do not live in Burnaby, however within a few hours of contacting Bintoro he had a shipment of worms and worm castings as a starter for bedding on its way to me. He checked in to make sure the worms had arrived, and after a few days again to see if I had any questions. I would highly recommend Burnaby Red Wigglers for all your vermicomposting needs!


Michelle Thiessen

Kelowna, BC



January 14, 2015


Thanks for the Great Worms for our Hungry Bins!


Salbas Shaknocka

British Columbia



November 17, 2014

For several years now, I have been using Burnaby Red Wigglers vermicompost for the plant on my balcony and front garden; I also bought compost worms from Burnaby Red Wigglers when I was doing worm composting. But as I live in Mexico for the winter, the worm composting was not going well, so now I just buy the "black gold" from Bintoro.
Fortunately, Bintoro has always been very helpful, responding quickly to my questions about how to use the “black gold”. He is creative and flexible, and even came over to my house on his bicycle and helped me get my balcony pots ready for this winter by adding some vermicompost, and burying it, so it would not be washed away in the late autumn/winter rain. 
While digging in the soil in one of the pots, one that I now use as a compost, he was so happy to find some healthy red wigglers that I had got from him more than 2 years ago!  As he said, the red wigglers are strong and will thrive again in spring. 
Bintoro has a very good understanding of the worm composting process, and of gardening in general. Thanks Bintoro.

Carol Lopez
Artist and teacher
Vancouver, BC
November 3, 2014


I first contacted Burnaby Red Wigglers and talked with Bintoro because I needed a large quantity of red wigglers for my customers and boy did he deliver!  With just a few hours notice, I was able to purchase supreme quality compost worms which were perfect red wiggler specimens packaged in a beautiful bed of finished worm cast or vermicompost ready for use. 


After checking in with my customers a few weeks later, I was pleasantly surprised to learn BRW’s worms have been devouring food scraps while quickly multiplying in quantity, a true testament to their health and vigor.  In addition I purchased a pail of his vermicompost to use as bedding to start one of my Hungry Bins and the result was a perfect environment for compost worms facilitating the rapid increase in population I was hoping for.   


In addition to providing great products for worm composting enthusiasts, Bintoro is a wealth of information on the subject and is always willing to share his time with customers by answering questions and providing information not readily available.  I highly recommend Burnaby Red Wigglers for all your worm composting needs.


Scot Bathgate

Entrepreneur and landscape designer

Vancouver, BC





December 16, 2014


Burnaby Red Wigglers  has visited Wastewater treatment plant and Biosolids facilities, Metro Vancouver at Annacis Island.




November 4, 2014


Burnaby Red Wigglers has participated the discussion on the launching of Citypod, a food waste composter at the Student Union, University of British Columbia, Vancouver Campus.



October 25, 2014  


Burnaby Red Wigglers has been supplying the compost worms for the worm composting workshop by City Farmer Vancouver in spring, summer and autumn since 2012. http://www.cityfarmer.info/wormcomposting/



September 10, 2014


Burnaby Red Wigglers has given a presentation at Utility Residuals Management, Liquid Waste Services, Metro Vancouver.




July 22, 2014


Burnaby Red Wigglers has participated the Sustainability Dialogues: Moving up the Waste Hierarchy  http://www.metrovancouver.org/region/dialogues/Pages/default.aspx 

Metro Vancouver will be banning on disposing organic materials (including food scraps and compostable organics) starting in 2015.





July 25, 2014

Bintoro Gunadi is a gift for the organic development business. I'm very pleased to present his website and plan to work together with him to help materialize his goals.
Roshale Ramsey
Vancouver, BC
May 1, 2014
As an avid amateur grower I have had decent success for the past few decades. However, after meeting with Mr. Gunadi and starting to use his vermicompost directly in my beds, and in the form of vermicompost tea, I have noticed a definite change in my plants. Not only are the yields larger, but the overall health of the plants have improved.
I have been using his worm castings for a year now, continue to do so, and do not plan to stop. Not only his product is excellent, but Mr. Gunadi is pleasant and easy to do business with. I highly recommend Burnaby Red Wigglers.
Jason Wakelin
Burnaby and Surrey, BC
April 22, 2014
Burnaby Red Wigglers was able to provide me high quality compost worms and vermicompost on short notice for an agriculture class project. Bintoro is very knowledgeable and has helpful information available for us to use for setting up a vermicomposter bin and vermicompost trial on plants. I know that I can always get excellent products and support from him in all our current and future projects!
Anna Rallings
Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Richmond, BC




Burnaby Red Wigglers was the winner in Vermicompost Image Contest 2014 for LinkedIn discussion group Vermicomposting Network.






March 21, 2014


We got the compost worms from Burnaby Red Wigglers for workshop. The workshops went well. The kids enjoyed playing with the worms and learning more about them and composting. We gave one of the teachers the worms to start a new compost bin. Thanks.

Gaik Beng Khoo
Operation Clerk & Sustainability Coordinator

University of British Columbia

Vancouver, BC 



February 7, 2014

I have purchased composting worms or red wigglers from Burnaby Red Wigglers on many occasions. Bintoro Gunadi was always very helpful. He was able to answer all of my questions and he provided me with many great tips on how to build a worm composting bin for my workshop. I would recommend Burnaby Red Wigglers to anyone who is interested in purchasing red wigglers and getting started with worm composting. Thank you Bintoro!


Amanda Chow

Coquitlam, BC



January 14, 2014


I purchased red wigglers for my apartment worm bin. Bintoro was very helpful in setting up my bin. He educated me on worm care and how best to set up my bin. The worms have been great. I would buy from Burnaby Red Wigglers again and would recommend others to do the same. Thanks Bintoro.


Matthew Pattinson
Vancouver, BC



January 7, 2014


Burnaby Red Wigglers has been a reliable supplier for Eisenia andrei composting worms. Our laboratory sent these worms for DNA barcoding, and they were positively identified to be E. andrei. Bintoro is always a pleasure to work with, and the worms arrived safely when shipped in freezing winter -20⁰C weather! I will definitely be ordering from this company again in the future.


Holly Stewart

Terrestrial Technical Lead

HydroQual Laboratories Ltd.

Calgary, Alberta



October 26, 2013 


Worms, wiggly and alive what a wonderful gift to give, I guess not for the squeamish. However it was a great gift for my son’s birthday. He does not like the consumerism and is concerned about our relationship with the environment.


Red wigglers are a self-sustaining gift provided by Bintoro, and include shipping and handling by XpressPost. From vegetable peelings and a bedding of waste paper they produce a gardener's gold---castings enriched with nutrients. These wrigglers produce more hard working composters.


Also my son has a son and what little boy or girl doesn't like squirmy things that might make others squeamish? It will be a fun and interactive way of teaching and enriching our earth literally the dirt that sustains us.


Hilda Dockrill


Prince George, BC



October 14, 2013 


Happy Thanksgiving!

Through the Vermicomposting Network in LinkedIn




July 30, 2013


We purchased worms for our office vermicomposter from Bintoro. He is a wealth of information and is so willing to teach and passionate about his subject that our project has been a great success. I highly recommend him as someone who can open your mind to ideas you might never have considered - such as having worms eat a pound a day of our office waste!


Vivian Walker

Event Planner

North Vancouver, BC 





Burnaby Red Wigglers have participated and provided Ruby Streaks mustard plants at

Spring Bazaar & Plant Sale

Saturday, May 11th 2013 at 11am - 3pm

Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre

6688 Southoaks Crescent, Burnaby BC V5E 4M7






April 19, 2013


I have lived in the west coast of British Columbia for a long time and have been able to enjoy backyard composting all year round. A year ago I moved to northern British Columbia and been disappointed with my compost pile being inactive for all those winter months! So I decided to begin vermiculture.
Since I couldn't find any supplier of red wigglers in the north, I contacted Bintoro who has been more than helpful with providing me with all the information needed to make the right decision in purchasing and shipping the worms.

The worms were sent on Canada XPress post on the Monday morning and I received them on the Wednesday morning. They were all alive and comfortably placed in a perforated bag with plenty of moist bedding. I appreciated all the communication with him about the vermiculture, especially with the shipping arrangements as I was worried that the worms would be stock at the post office over the weekend.


Agnes Pion

Lover of compost!

Smithers, BC



March 11, 2013


My plants are loving the worm castings Burnaby Red Wigglers provided me. They are extremely healthy and green. My wife and I truly enjoy organic gardening and appreciate the fact that we can get quality nutrients from someone local. Our vegetables have never tasted so good! We are getting our garden prepared for Spring and will need some more castings soon.


Matthew Clancy

Carpenter and organic gardener

North Vancouver, BC  



November 22, 2012


I am writing in praise of the services and expertise Bintoro has provided as a supplier of composting worms (Eisenia andrei). There are few suppliers of composting worms in Canada, of which Bintoro was the only supplier I was readily able to identify as taking a technical approach to vermiculture. This is abundantly evidenced by the various technical discussions and literature citations on his website.


Species identification is critical for scientific research, as different species may exhibit different responses to toxicants and other stimuli. In this particular case, two morphologically similar earthworm species, E. andrei and E. fetida, are commonly used for composting. These two species are difficult to discern without training and do not interbreed in mixed cultures. Bintoro’s academic background and previous work experience, as well as his willingness to provide the keys and support literature used to make his species determination, were key in providing assurance that the worms being supplied were of the species I requested.


I have already recommended Bintoro’s services to other individuals seeking taxonomically pure earthworm cultures, and would not hesitate to do so for anyone else requiring composting worms or vermiculture expertise.


Bryon Shore

Testing scientist

Calgary, Alberta



October 6, 2012


Your class has been so informative and your knowledge is very extensive in your field of work. I appreciate your commitment to better our local communities through vermiculture-vermicomposting and natural waste management. Thank you so much for your continuing support!


Jessica H. Newman

Urban farmer

Richmond, BC



Workshop August 31, 2012:


Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. Not only do my students and children find studying the composting worms fascinating but your knowledge on the effectiveness and health benefits of vermicomposting is important to share as well. Studying the worms makes an engaging science and environmental studies; unit that applies to my students’ real lives.


Christine M. Hyde

Teacher grade 2/3

North Vancouver, BC



Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your workshop. Your willingness to share your knowledge, experience and passion about the future of vermiculture and vermicomposting is truly inspirational. I look forward to learning more from you and am well aware how fortunate those of us that wish to learn more from you.


Darrin Pezer

Owner, Proactive Building Maintenance and businessman

Vancouver, BC



Your lecture was very informative and helpful. I found it instructive in understanding the life of the red wigglers compared to ordinary worms and their environment that is needed compared to just dumping kitchen scraps in a pile and turning it from time to time. It was helpful being part of a group who have been composting as their questions were interesting too.


Bernace W.

Artist and gardener

Vancouver, BC 



Workshop May 26, 2012:


I really enjoyed the workshop in a friendly atmosphere, and it was quite an eye opener. Now I know what worm composting should look like, and I realized that I've been doing wrong all along!


Yumi Kosaka

Regional government employee and volunteer streamkeeper

Burnaby, BC



It was very insightful and educational. Hopefully my worm bin will work out this time around.


Donald Kim

VP of carrier services/partner, Worldwebnet Telecom Inc.

Coquitlam, BC



I just want to start off by saying thank you for the workshop. It was very interesting to me to see where you are looking to take your skill. I think it would be very beneficial to the local community once it gets going and more exposure to the people is the key. I enjoyed the workshop and watching you talk about something you truly care about and the love and respect you have for the worms and all the organisms surrounding vermiculture-vermicomposting is admirable. I hope we can continue to stay in touch and eventually work together if the opportunities arise.


Anthony Florio

Electrician with a strong interest in organic gardening and ecology

Burnaby, BC

It was great to learn about the theory of vermiculture and get to see multiple styles of bin in action. I didn't realize how many things I've been doing wrong - but now I'm excited to see if I can get my worms to be happier by applying Bintoro's suggestions. I also really appreciated his willingness to chat afterward and field all our questions.
Rick Havlak
Owner/operator, Homesteader's Emporium
Vancouver, BC



Really enjoyed the workshop. I'd done a lot of reading on line and really felt that I was probably not going to pick up much I didn't already know. Now I feel I don't know enough! So glad I did this before I started my vermiculture. Bintoro is so knowledgeable and just one of those people with a real passion for what he's doing. He is so willing to share his knowledge and he is clear and practical.


Jeanne Keegan-Henry

Physician and farmer's wife

Burnaby, BC 



Invited speaker:


Vermiculture - Vermicomposting and Organic Gardening

South Burnaby Garden Club, Tuesday May 1, 2012, 7:30pm




Workshop April 28, 2012:


Great workshop! Lot more people than I expected!


Nicolas Rioux

IT technologist and gardener

North Vancouver, BC



I really enjoyed the workshop with you yesterday! I learned a lot of useful things and plan to include some of the information in our classes at City Farmer. Your passion for vermiculture/vermicomposting is infectious! You are very knowledgeable but at the same time humble and patient. You explain the concepts in a simple manner making it easy for anyone to understand, even if you don’t have a science background. I plan to regularly visit your site to learn more and also hope to participate in your workshops in the future.


Farhat Khan

Vermicomposting instructor, City Farmer

Vancouver, BC





Workshop: Learn about worms at upcoming session. Burnaby Now, Wednesday April 11, 2012, page 16.



The wormy wonder of red wigglers. Burnaby Now, Friday March 30, 2012, page 13.




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Earthworms called ‘earth’s guts’ that grow spontaneously in mud and in humid ground; …especially where there is decayed matter…

Aristotle (350 B.C.) The History of Animals.

Why did Aristotle call earthworms the "earth's guts"?

It's because earthworms act like intestines by processing the soil's organic matter and turning it into food for plants.